leprechaun's pot of "gold" - goody bag

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In search of celebrating St. Patrick's Day with the kids, I decided to do a treasure hunt - and needed to make something to stash their candy in. After reading One Minute Crafts {I forgot to watch the video, but the instructions are good enough} here's how they turned out:

paddy day hunt

First of all, use what you have. Whether that's black construction paper - or fabric from another project... {It just happened to be my lucky day in finding black and green felt in the craft shelf, in tact and unused}.

I folded the sheet of felt in half so that I'd have a closed bottom, and sturdier hold.

The glue as instructed on One Minute Crafts didn't work out too well. If you are in a hurry {like I was trying to get this done, filled, and hidden before the kids woke up}, do a quick whip stitch around the sides. 

There's a one-minute video on how to make four-leaf clovers. It's a little tricky doing this with felt, but use a pair of good scissors and it'll work. Since I needed 2, I cut one 8.5 x 11 sheet of green felt in half before starting the folds so that I would have 2 sets of clovers.

I had gold pipe cleaners I was going to initially use for the handle, but then I came across a spool of rainbow yarn, and opted for the softer and colorful "rainbow." But either will work. One thing I love about the yarn is that Noah ended up wearing his bag around his neck all day since he had to ration out his candy! 

In all - this was definitely not a "one-minute" craft -but very fun to make - plus the kids can use this bag over again...

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